Using E-Plus by Interval International

Interval International (II) has come out with a new service called  E-Plus which allows you to re-trade your II exchange up to three times for a one-time fee. I tried this service out when I decided to quit trying to get into a Hawaii resort with out Starwood week. I used my 1 bedroom Starwood week to exchange into a 1 bedroom unit at Harborside at Atlantis in the Bahamas during late January. I paid $50 for E-Plus since I wasn’t totally thrilled with the 1 bedroom unit and I was still hoping some Hawaii inventory might show up.  The next day a 2 bedroom unit opened up at Harborside for two days earlier than my 1 bedroom unit reservation. I jumped on it immediately and knew I had two additional opportunities to trade. One thing I learned during this process is that you retain the trading value of your original unit. So if I wanted to trade again, my trading power would be based on my 1 bedroom platinum season Sheraton Desert Oasis unit, not the 2 bedroom Harborside unit I am currently holding the reservation for.

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9 thoughts on “Using E-Plus by Interval International

  1. pat lawrence

    how do I use e-plus

    • E-plus is fairly easy to use. You purchase your e-plus certificate at the time of your initial Interval trade. The e-plus certificate is accessible in your Interval account under my history/exchanges. You click on “start e-plus re-trade” and then it works like a regular manual search in Interval. One word of warning once you do your initial trade and buy your e-plus you no longer have the ability to do an on-going search and every re-trade must be done manually.
      I’ve had good success with e-plus and consider it to be $50 well spent. Right now I’m at Marriott Ko Olina using an e-plus certificate.

  2. pat lawrence

    how do you retrade your week and what do you do

  3. Jenna Niforos

    If I have a timeshare week expiring Nov 2015 (was originally from 2013 & deposited) if I do the e-plus, will my time be extended? In other words, within 59 days before Nov, if I trade, will it push it out to Dec?

  4. Carol Rellamas

    I just booked a week at Marriott’s Ko Olina in a 1 bedroom for my son and his family for the week of November 15-22, just three weeks from now. I would really like to get them into the 2 bedroom and was wondering if E-plus would be worth trying to do this with.

    • Yes, you have two choices.
      1) use e-plus pay the fee and manually search for your 2 bedroom. Fee is not refundable if you don’t find your exchange.
      2) put in an on-going search through interval and pay the higher exchange fee. Interval will search for you. If you don’t get your exchange, your exchange fee is refunded.

  5. Le Moing

    I have made an exchange and purchase a e plus, I want to use It and I was surprised that the list of appartment available by E plus is very limited versus a normal exchange and I doń’t understand the rationale. On top of that this limitation was never indicated in the Interval site

    D. Le moing

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